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Personal Loans in Dubai / UAE is a full service computerized facility in Dubai, United Arab Emirates focusing on providing a platform for bankers and expats seeking personal loans, credit cards, fixed deposits and other financial products and services to help our clients through accessing affordable credit cards and all forms of loans .

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As a professional financial services mediator, we facilitate the procurement of banking products from credit cards, personal loans, home loans, auto loans, SME loans, business finance; asset based financing, fixed deposits among others in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Our drive is to get you online seamlessly and get you a positive return on your desired financial instrument.

Personal loans without salary transfer

Get the best set of personal loans in Dubai without salary transfer which best suits your needs from banks in Dubai/UAE at affordable personal loan interest rates in Dubai/UAE alongside with friendly terms and conditions. These personal loans do not require collateral but require the applicant to bring forth security cheques as a means of security to the disbursing bank.

As a result, many know these types of loans as Post Dated Cheque Loans which are abbreviated as PDC Loans. These PDC personal loans have an easy application procedure and are quickly disbursed compared to salary transfer loans, thus making them the most convenient and time sensitive form of financing in Dubai/UAE. These loans in Dubai require that you have a 3 months bank statement for you to qualify for Cheap bank loans in Dubai/uae, however, some financial institutions are now extending personal loans in Dubai without bank statement

personal loans in dubai/UAE

It should however be noted that these easy loans in UAE are generally more expensive compared to salary transfer loans when it comes to personal loan interest rates in UAEsince they fall in the category of being a risky means of financing in the realm of Gulf Finance, thus the interest rates charges are a notch higher compared to personal loan interest rates in Dubai/UAE charged for salary transfer loans.

Some banks issuing PDC loans or non-salary transfer loans in Dubai/UAE or personal loan in UAE without a salary transfer do not check credit bureau/ Etihad bureau but check both with the central bank of UAE (for blacklisting) and with em-credit (for police cases, legal cases etc.). Checking or not checking is purely at the discretion of UAE banks, guided by the central bank's rules and regulations. To apply for a personal loans in UAE without salary transfer or loans in Dubai without salary transfer, login your details and we will direct you to the best bank which we find deem fit to address your financial needs.

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Loans no credit checks

With the advent of the credit bureau, em credit and central bank of UAE checks in Dubai today , it has made it next to impossible for expatriates in Dubai/UAE to get personal loan top-ups if their DBR/DSR is at or around 50%.Taking a look of the list of banks in UAE , one discovers that less than 10% of these Dubai banks offer loans without checking the credit history known popularly by the term loans no credit check.

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As a result of the implementation of history consultation before the processing of a file, most employees find themselves in a stranded situation but we are well connected to a list of banks in Dubai/UAE which extend loans without credit checks. This form of personal loan in Dubai/UAE does not check credit bureau i.e Etihad checks but they look up Em-Credit for prospective clients especially those in need of Personal Loans for Expats in Dubai/UAE. This simply means or implies that if one has a police case against them, they will not have access to these payday loans in Dubai/UAE which are highly regarded by expats as quick loans.

As a result, it is of paramount importance to maintain a good legal record for one to enjoy a smooth set of Personal Loans for Expats in Dubai/UAE. Some banks however do facilitate bad credit personal loans in Dubai/UAE but the emi charged after computing through the loan interest rate UAE calculator is relatively higher as a result of the volatility attached thereof. To apply for this set of personal finance in Dubai/UAE, simply login your details.

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Through our mediation, we have provided loans and credit card solutions including loans for people with bad credit in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and to vast industries across the United Arab Emirates .We also help SME’s and businesses to catapult their working capital needs and asset based finance through the business finance wing so that they grow and increase their revenue on a long-term basis, this we make it possible though business loans in Dubai/UAE We boast with sound experience in procuring and disseminating viable, custom financial information across all Emirates in UAE.

Engaging us will open access to personal loans in dubai for expatriates and Locals thus giving you more than just financial satisfaction but rather a full financial package that guarantees your personal and corporate success. If financial success is what you are after, as facilitators of Personal Loans in Dubai / UAE, we would love to talk with you and help you get the best bank in UAE to assist you with a loan of any form including debt consolidation loansand credit cards in Dubai / UAE. We house dedicated financial professionals, financial advisers and internet marketers ready to work with you to define your goals on personal loans and credit cards in Dubai / UAE and come up with the right financial strategy that works for you.

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