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What Is an Auto Loan in Dubai? - An auto loan in Dubai is basically a loan that you take out in order to purchase a vehicle. With an auto loan in Dubai, you simply pay the vehicle purchase price plus interest.

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Auto Loan/Car Loans in Dubai - Use our lucrative auto loans Dubai / car loans in Dubai to buy a used car, new car or upgrading your existing car in UAE. What we do is very simple, we facilitate auto loans in UAE especially personal loans for low salary, thus we start at a minimum salary of 3500 AED and above, thereafter we furnish your auto loan in Dubai with flexible repayment periods of up to 3 years depending on your financial needs thus our car loans in Dubai resemble a simple and sweat free process.

auto loans in dubai

How it works - Find a car in Dubai which you wish to buy, the car should be of a 2009 model and above, agree on a selling price with the seller , and once this is done, fill in our simple form and one of our agents will be assigned to deal with the case. Once you have filled in the application forms, there is a valuation fee amounting to 200 AED which you should pay for valuation of the car if it is second hand. Once valuation and application process is complete, payment will be facilitated at most within 72hours. If it is a brand new car, simply provide the quotation and mobilise 20% down payment, that is if it is a brand new car

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auto loans in dubai
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